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Israeli petition in favour of recognition of a Palestinian state

Israeli petition in favour of recognition of a Palestinian state
"We the undersigned citizens of Israel, who wish for it to be a safe and thriving country, are worried by the continued political stalemate, the occupation, and the settlement activities that lead to further confrontations with Palestinians and quash any chances for compromise. It is clear that the prospects for Israel's security and existence depend on the existence of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Israel should recognize the state of Palestine and Palestine should recognize the state of Israel, based on the June 4, 1967 borders. Your initiative for recognition of the state of Palestine will advance prospects for peace and will encourage Israelis and Palestinians alike to bring an end to their conflict."

Among the signatories are:
Author David Grossman;
former Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Raleb Majadele
former Minister of Industry and Trade, Ran Cohen
former Minister of the Environment and former Minister of Education, Yossi Sarid;
former Minister of Immigrant Absorption, Yair Tzaban;  
Noble Prize Laureate, Daniel Kahneman;
former Speaker of the Knesset and former Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Avraham Burg;
former Attorney General, Michael Ben-Yair;
Lieutenant Colonels (res.), Dan Bavli and Ran Keidar (retired);
Colonel (res.), Dan Haddani;
Brigadier Generals Emmanuel (Mano) Shaked (res.), Gavriel (Gabi) Salomon (res.), and Mordechai Bar-On (retired);
former MKs Yael Dayan, Mossi Raz, Uri Avneri, Tamar Gozansky, Mordechai Bar-On, and Naomi Hazan
Professor of Political Science and formed head of the Civil Service Administration, Itzhak Galnoor;
Israel Prize recipients, Professor David Rubinger, Yehoshua Kolodny, Professor David Harel, Professor Zeev Sternhell, Professor Avishai Margalit, Professor Gavriel (Gabi) Salomon, Professor Yoram Bilu, Alex Levac, Danny Karavan, David Tartakover, and Professor Menachem Brinker
Sakharov Laureate, Nurit Peled-Elhanan
Professor Baruch Minke, recipient of the Prince of Asturias Award in Science and Technology;
former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alon Liel
former Israeli Ambassador to France, Eli Barnavi;
former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Ilan Baruch
writers and artists Yehoshua Sobol, Ronit Matalon, Uriel Segal, Raanan Alexandrovich, Asher Fisch, Mira Zakai, Agi Mishol, and Moshe Ivgy
You can see the full list of signatories here.