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Committee for Support to Israeli Peace and Human Rights Organisations


SIVMO is convinced that a negotiated peaceful solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is possible. Our aim is to contribute in a positive and concrete way to a change of mentality and political will in Israel, thus going beyond easy criticism of the policy of Israel or dreams of peace.


SIVMO provides financial and moral support to Israeli organisations, that

  • want to put an end to the Israeli occupation
  • reach out to the Israeli public to raise awareness with respect to possible political solutions to the conflict
  • protest against injustices committed against Palestinians
  • maintain a dialogue with Palestinians and Palestinian NGO's
  • work together with likeminded Palestinians as partners in peace

SIVMO closely follows the activities and plans of the Israeli groups it supports and raises funds on their behalf by requesting donations from private donors and foundations.


SIVMO publishes a quarterly journal De Brug (The Bridge), that contains background information, op-eds and interviews about ‘the other Israel' and the conflict in the Middle East.


SIVMO assists Israeli peace and human right activists when visiting the Netherlands to meet funders and policy makers.


SIVMO organises round-tables and public meetings with Israeli activists in the Netherlands.


SIVMO cooperates, whenever possible, with likeminded organisations in the Nederlands.


SIVMO gives account to its contributors for its activities and expenses.

SIVMO has been active since 1991. In 2011 our partners are 16 Israeli groups, big and small, renowned and less well known, all of whom we think deserve our support.

SIVMO has one parttime paid employee, a group of dedicated volunteers and an active board.